Investor Relations


Capital Expanditure

Klabin invested R$ 280 million throughout the third quarter 2018. Of the total invested in the quarter, R$ 76 million was allocated to forestry operations, R$ 164 million to investments in the operational uptime of the plants, and R$ 40 million to special and expansion projects, more particularly those with a high return, with the objective of improving operational performance in the various segments in which the Company operates. Thus, the Company’s total investments for the year as whole was R$ 956 million.

These investments represent the cash view and do not consider the investments by the subsidiary Guaricana Reflorestadora SA constituted in December 2018. It is worth noting that Klabin's contribution to the SPE's equity was in the form of 4,511 hectares of pine plantations located in the state of Santa Catarina (does not include land). TIMO (Timber Investment Management Organization), in turn, contributed R$ 191.6 million in cash, with Klabin holding a majority of the SPE’s voting capital.

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